January 27, 2022

Episode #122: Free VS. Paid Content – How to Know What to Charge For

If you’re in the infopreneur space,  it can be hard to know what content to give for free and what content to charge for. You might be in a place on social media where you really want to show people that you know what you’re talking about, but also respect your paying customers. So, how do you decide where to draw the line?

In this podcast episode, Macy gives a high level overview of some common principles that we’ve seen other people living by,  what we do here at GC and why it’s worked for us so that you can hopefully make a decision that works for your own situation as well!

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[3:45] A lot of times I think people will give the WHAT for free, but they won’t give the HOW. 

[9:55] The endowment effect is the feeling of owning something where the idea of possession increases it’s worth, regardless of market value… This effect helps people retain information when it’s purchased because it feels more valuable. 

[14:32] Giving it for free, or doing a bunch of discounts, or charging the absolute least amount is not helping them, because their buy-in is more important than what you even offer.

[22:20] This is why you hear people talk about ‘selling with emotion.’ Because it’s what moves people effectively, and it’s what makes them make those high quality decisions.




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