January 27, 2022

Episode #121: Starting and Scaling an E-commerce Business with Tu-Hien Le

On this podcast episode we welcome GUIDE Culture graduate, Tu-Hien Le to talk all things starting and scaling an e-commerce business!

Tu-Hien is the Founder & CEO of BeauGen, a mommy lifestyle brand whose mission is to make mommying feel good. Inspired after having her first child, Tu-Hien and her husband started BeauGen to address the pain and struggle of breastfeeding.

Since launching into the market in 2016, BeauGen has helped tens of thousands of women find success with their breastfeeding journey. Tu-Hien has a passion for connecting with motivated entrepreneurs and is now coaching women business owners how to build, scale, and make money in their own product-based ecommerce business.

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[7:34] Whether you’re a product developer or an online course, whatever the thing is, you really have to die what you already know. You have to assume nothing and look around you… and start seeing things differently.

[8:11] Most great discoveries don’t come from a stream of thoughts. It comes from basically opening up your brain and subconsciously thinking about it all the time.

[23:40] I really just look forward, and how to keep growing the business. I try to remove myself from a lot of the daily routine tasks.

[32:58] Sometimes when you’re just having fun, you end up figuring stuff out. It’s okay to stumble through it – that’s what everyone’s doing.

[33:53] The people who are criticizing are only the people on the sidelines. If you’re in the game, you are so proud of people who are also putting themselves in the game because you know how hard and how scary it can be.




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