January 27, 2022

Episode #119: Building a Business That Lasts

Last week, we welcomed 100 new students into our 8 Week Signature Program and with that, we spent a lot of time talking with people to help them make a decision that was best for them.

As we were talking with people, both Kat and Macy kept seeing a theme and it was something along the lines of: “I’ve invested in a launch system. I’ve invested in branding. I’ve invested in email marketing. I’ve invested in a social media coach. I’ve invested in a website – and I haven’t seen that money come back. So I can’t invest in myself anymore until I do.”

And listen, we get it. We also want to make sure we’re doing what we can to ensure that what we put into the business will show a return.

Which is the very reason why Macy is excited to explain the concept of what’s happening and why you possibly haven’t seen a huge return on your investments thus far.

In this episode, she goes into 2 general categories of focus in business and which one needs your attention the MOST!

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[3:04] There are generally two types of categories of what you will work on for your business and what you will focus on. Those are: things that change and things that don’t change. 

[7:05] There is something called the Law of Reciprocity that makes you feel like, when someone gives you a sample, you feel like you need to repay them and you end up buying what sample they give you. 

[12:11] You are in the people business. You are not in any other business – you are not in the online marketing business, you are not in the copyrighting business, you are not in the network marketing business, you are not in the sales business – you are in the people business FIRST.




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