January 27, 2022

Episode #117: How Long it Takes to “Make It”

Have you ever heard the story of the Chinese bamboo tree? This particular tree has a seed that is so hard that when planted it will do nothing for almost 5 years. It has to be continually watered and cared for throughout all of those years and it’s not until year 5 that you would see the results from all of that care.

In episode 117 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Loy talks about having a 5 Year Mentality in your life and he compares it to that story of the Chinese bamboo tree. He talks about the common things that we all go through and experience in life and how we have to have patience and persistence to get where we want to go.

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[1:43] With the Chinese bamboo tree, you plant the seed, and you have to water it and nourish and fertilize it for 5 years before it even sprouts. But once it sprouts, it has massive growth… Sometimes up to 3 feet in one day. 

[5:36] Once we see a vision, once we see the hope… we have a picture of something, then we can go in that direction. It starts with a vision.

[8:38] Starting a business is like a jet taking off. It’s full throttle ahead to start off, then once you get air borne and are cruising along, only then you can back off a bit. It’s about 5 years of full throttle ahead. 

[21:15] I truly believe that education starts after college.




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