January 27, 2022

Episode #115: How to Train Your Audience to Listen to You

In episode 115 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Macy shares what you can do so that your audience treats you like the expert and professional in your business. She also talks about the things that you absolutely should not do and the consequences that can come from these things. 

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Have you ever heard that you teach people how to treat you? Whether it’s conscious or subconscious, it’s totally true. The vibe that you give off in conversations, whether it be face to face or online through social media, will train people how to treat you.

[1:27] You display how you want other people to interact with you, whether it’s conscious or subconscious.

[4:25] Your job is to do exactly what you were paid to do – which is offer your product, service, or idea and that is it.

[5:46] If you keep it professional 100% of the time they will trust you and like you even more. In fact, this is going to build your credibility even more than the like and the trust. Credibility almost always wins over like and trust.

[14:05] People are more likely to listen I think within like the first few seconds of a video if ‘YOU’ is in the very, very beginning of that video. 

[14:38] Everytime you get on Instagram to show your face you wanna ask yourself – hey, how can I raise the mood?

[15:19] One thing that sells even better than your story? Someone else’s story.




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