January 25, 2022

Episode #113: 3 Shifts You Can Make to Play Big in Your Life and Business

In episode 113 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Kathryn talks about three shifts you can make to have the play big mentality. Having this mentality will change the way that you show up to serve your people and will change the way people view what you do!

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[4:58] You can enter uncertainty, you can enter big things, with confidence. LIke you are worthy of it and you can play big. 

[7:07] It’s the watered down energy that really dilutes the power and largeness of what you can become. 

[10:28] What if you stopped calling yourself a small business and started calling yourself a company?

[14:13] Shift the way you communicate your value…. Creating boldness about what you do really, really matters. 

[17:58] It’s not fake it till you make it – it’s actually even bigger because you’re creating a container in your mind that’s bigger than what you can fill at the time. But as you drop pieces of evidence in that container over time, it starts to fill up.




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