January 25, 2022

Episode #112: The Science Behind Vision Planning with Dr. Cynthia Kempinski

In episode 112 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, we bring on Dr. Cynthia Kempinski to explain the science behind vision planning.

Have you ever been so excited to create a vision board at the beginning of a new year just to find that you don’t actually accomplish many of the things that you set your sights on?

If so, you should know that 1) that’s super common and 2) there might be a HUGE missing piece in your goal setting and vision casting.

Dr. Cynthia Kempinski of The Kempinski Clinic takes us on a deep dive on the SCIENCE behind vision planning so you can actually reach the goals and dreams that you have. This is how you can say bye to magazine scraps and wishing on a star and say hello to:

  • taking ACTION on your ideas 
  • calculating your goals so you KNOW they’ll happen 
  • focus on the picture for YOUR life instead of dreamy Pinterest pictures of stuff 
  • be rich toward others which will help you enjoy getting rich

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[4:30] We have the power to go into the brain and take healthy areas and require them so that they can actually take over the function of dead or unhealthy areas. 

[5:25] So you’re saying that you can basically apply this same methodology from a stroke patient who needs to rewire their brain, you’re saying hey you can do that with a fully healthy brain but with what you do in life. 

[16:35] Do not sabotage the movement forward just because of an old pattern. 

[27:15] In reality, neuroplasticity or changing our brain, is happening every second of every day. The input, our choices… even our posture is changing our brain. 

[38:58] If you want visualization to actually physically change your brain – to the point where we now live as if that’s who we are – then it needs to be at alone a daily consistency. 

[51:10] Think about what you really want, and I’m telling you, this is how you get what you really want. You have to start creating change, you have to start taking the action. That is the only way we actually achieve those goals.




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