January 25, 2022

Episode #111: Double Down December

In episode 11 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Loy shares a sales mindst that he believes in so deeply.

As an entrepreneur, business owner or salesperson, how do you view the month of December? Do you see it as a good month to keep selling? Do you believe that people are indeed still buying during this time of year?

At GUIDE Culture, we believe that whatever you think… you’re right! If you think people aren’t buying right now, you’re right. If you think that there are still people out there that need what you have, you’re right.

It’s all about the mindset that you carry, not only during the month of December, but throughout the whole year. In this episode, Loy talks all about the mindset game that is required to keep selling even during times where it might feel like no one is buying!

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[4:17] Whatever we believe will be the case. You have to first believe that the business is out there and go after it in a way that’s believing that we can find it.

[6:15] Ambition is a strong desire to do or achieve something, typically requiring determination or hard work. 

[8:05] December is a time to go prospect and do the work, just as much as any other time of the year. When prospects see you doing that work, I think they admire it. 

[15:15] The one thing we’re trying to beat is ourselves. Our quest should be to always surpass ourselves – winning and running our own race well. 

[15:45] How do you know you’re going to be better next year? You do something this year to make next year better. You reap what you sow.




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