January 25, 2022

Episode #110: Sell on Stories with the 3LD Formula

In episode 110 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, Macyand Kat share the 3LD formula to help you sell on stories specifically and also carry this concept into all different parts of your selling – in email, DM’s or conversation.

You’ll walk away with a technique that you can implement immediately to really connect with your audience in a new way and help them see why they need what you have.

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[4:20] We want you to know that there is a way that you can speak to the heart of someone’s need so they do engage and buy from you – even if you’re speaking to an audience of hundreds or thousands on IG.

[5:10] Even if you’re not selling 1 on 1, the most important thing you can learn to do is sell 1 on 1. It’s going to make selling to the masses so much easier and clearer. 

[11:20] When you’re talking about your product, you almost shouldn’t even talk about the features. Where you LIVE, is when you’re talking about what it does for people. 

[19:45] “What if nobody answers me?” There’s a chance you haven’t given enough value for people to feel like they can answer you. 

[20:45] That’s what’s so valuable about GUIDE Culture is you have a system to manage the conversation and bring it back on track. 

[24:20] Even if you do have an automated foundation, there’s a way for you to be able to turn the knob up… when you have the power and skills to be able to do that it’s so game changing.




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