January 25, 2022

Episode #109: Building Virtual Culture with Billy Boughey

In episode 109 of the GUIDE Culture podcast, we welcome Billy Boughey of Elevate Experiences to talk all things culture!

Culture can be a very broad term and is a part of everything you do as a business owner, so we wanted to bring on Billy to talk through all different aspects of culture. He has a true expertise about how to cultivate culture on your Instagram, in your team and now, most importantly, how to build a virtual culture. 

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[2:40] Culture equals gratitude. I think for me the right posture behind any great culture is having a spirit of gratitude. 

[3:26] My definition of a leader is the ability to start a better conversation. 

[7:46] When you ask with a genuine heart, maybe it’s not for them… but they can’t wait to introduce you to the 7 people that they know that it would be remarkable for.

[9:15] The event is something you attend. The experience is something you help people undergo.

[12:25] People grow into the conversations you create around them. We can’t let the medium get in the way of the conversation. The medium is Zoom, or AirMeet, or Teams, or whatever that you use. 

[14:25] If you believe that your virtual culture is not going to be as good as your in-person, you’re right. If you think it can even be better than that, you’re right.

[14:33] Energy, community, connection. That’s like our Venn Diagram of successful virtual cultures.

[27:20] Businesses need three things: a tweak, a face lift or a funeral.




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