January 25, 2022

Episode #108: The ONE Thing You Have to Stop Saying on Instagram Stories

Macy here! What if I told you that this ONE concept (when applied correctly) could completely shift the way people engage with you, your content AND ultimately your business?

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[3:30] It’s a simple concept and a simple word – a few words really- that can totally shift the vibe of your Instagram. It can shift the way people listen and engage and even take action in your life. It’s simply the word ‘I’.

[3:55] When you are selling an idea or a product or a service, really using any sort of language talking about yourself is only going to turn your listener off.

[4:26] All people are thinking is “So what? Why does it matter for me?”

[6:48] When you call out people specifically like that, when you call out a hair color or eye color – those people that have that… It’s like a dog whistle. They only hear that and they’re so laser-focused. The people who don’t have that hair color are impressed by the fact that you know that and they’ll be waiting for you to talk about their hair color.

[9:30] Sometimes people will take GUIDE Culture and learn sales skills and they associate it with their business only, and have a hard time opening up their brain to see that it can be used in every part of your life. That’s exactly why it’s been so game-changing. 

[10:15] The biggest thing I’ve taken from GUIDE Culture is to not talk about yourself when you’re in a group of people. 

[10:53] The best thing you can do to be memorable is to focus on other people. PLay a game with yourself and say “hey, how long can I go without saying I, my, me, me too…”

Moral of the story: switch ‘I’ to ‘YOU’

People will notice and they’ll start connecting with you more and more. Try it out this week and let me know how it goes!





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