May 10, 2023

EPI 303: 3 Reasons Sales Feel Gross

Recently Kat asked a room full of top saleswomen “What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of sales?”





From a group of SUCCESSFUL sales women. These women enjoy the work that they’re doing. They’re changing lives. Let’s unpack some of thee reasons sales feel gross (and how to fix it):

You think that it’s gross | Why do you feel that way? You’ve heard someone else say it, and now you give attention to that thought, which makes you feel like you’re being pushy and gross. Just because selling has made you think and feel gross emotions does not mean that it’s selling’s fault. But this is the easiest one to fix because GUESS WHAT – you are the CEO of your own thoughts. It’s up to you to remind yourself everyday to change those thoughts. Selling is providing value. Selling means that two peoples lives get better – the person you are helping and yours. Very few other jobs in the world actually help two people’s lives get better at the same time.

You’re not being direct | Beating around the bush + hoping someone picks up what you’re putting down is not helpful for anyone. When you can be direct and say “hey, this is what you might be dealing with and here’s exactly how I can help you”, you provide clarity for your client. You can embrace being an honest counselor; in a world where anything can be googled, YOU are what people need. Instead of throwing the deck of 52 cards on the floor and saying “I can offer any of these”, curate their deck. Pick them up one by one and show them THIS is why I can (or maybe can’t) help you.

You’re making it about you | Naturally, humans are self absorbed. It takes intentional, overriding thoughts to not make it about yourself. Our egos are always pointing to our own selves, but when you can die to yourself – that’s when you actually come alive and valuable to someone else.

At Guide Culture, we’re on a mission to not just empower people to make more sales, but equip them to do it better and faster than ever before. Our version of winning looks like watching you lead your prospects to the right solution for them, lead your team to a common goal, or lead your family to grow into the humans you know they can be. We believe sales is bigger than that slimy feeling you say you get when you pitch a new prospect. It’s about loving and serving your people well. And learning how to do it is not something you can afford to push to the side anymore. 

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