February 16, 2023

EPI 276: Launch Debrief with Jordan Perry

Have you ever been told you need to “beat the algorithm” or maybe “paid advertising is the only way you’ll be seen”? We know we certainly have! And we bit into that apple a few times, and bit off more than we could chew. Paid ads didn’t work. We spent money with absolutely zero return.

So we went back to what we knew – organic growth. We know it. We love it. We’re pretty good at it. And we weren’t changing our minds.

Enter Jordan Perry, the queen of ads. Jordan is one of our School of Sales alum as well as part of our ongoing Academy program. She sat us down one day (honestly, a little bit against our will) and pretty much said – “you’ve got something great here. Either you invest or I will.”

We never looked back. 

If you’re on the fence, here’s three reasons why you should NOT invest in paid advertising with the right ads manager:

  1. You want to get out of the selling weeds.

Paid ads work to support the work that you’re already doing. You’re still posting organically. You’re still staying in conversations with people. Advertisements don’t take you out of the game. They enhance the your playing performance. 

  1. You want to “set it and forget it”

Ads are helping to take you to market. Once you’re in the market, you don’t just stop answering questions, do you? Could you imagine your business as a booth at the farmers market? Would you put your “ad” about your product on your table and then just sit back as people walked by? Absolutely not. You’d put that ad on your table as a visual as you engage in conversation. 

  1. You want to delegate sales + marketing.

You could delegate. You could tell your ads manager what numbers you want to hit and what kind of return you’d like to see. But I can guarantee you that it’s going to fall flat once you wipe your hands clean. An ads manager should be brought on to partner with you, to be strategic and amplify the copy that you already have. 

At Guide Culture, we’re on a mission to not just empower people to make more sales, but equip them to do it better and faster than ever before. Our version of winning looks like watching you lead your prospects to the right solution for them, lead your team to a common goal, or lead your family to grow into the humans you know they can be. We believe sales is bigger than that slimy feeling you say you get when you pitch a new prospect. It’s about loving and serving your people well. And learning how to do it is not something you can afford to push to the side anymore. 

If you’d like to learn more about our next cohort this April, shoot us a DM with the word BLOG at @theguideculture on Instagram!

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