February 7, 2023

EPI 274: Debriefing at $475K Launch – Part 1

We’ve wrapped up our sales period for Cohort 35. It was the most fun launch we’ve had, and dare we say it – the easiest? Considering there were 34 cohorts leading up to this one – that’s a bold statement!

As we sat down to debrief what went right and what didn’t during this sales period, there were three things that stood out:

  1. We sold our belief, not just our product.

Persuade for good.

We believe that selling is persuading for good with every ounce of our being. Prior to our sales launch, we sold our book – Persuade for Good. Our goal with this book as to get your heart and mind right around selling. Our spirit was magnified and propelled in this book. We knew that our book would hopefully be a stepping stone to School of Sales, but as we were writing it, we asked “what would we tell our kids about selling?”. Persuade for Good created so much belief in people – it helped them see themselves in a new way and it helped them move in the right direction.This launch was our highest grossing revenue, but also the one where we cared the least about the money because the heart of our message was on our belief of persuading for good, and not our product – School of Sales. 

  1. We answered private questions in public conversations

When you’re selling, you’re most likely in lots of private conversations via text, DM’s, or in person. During this sales period, we received the BEST questions. They were thoughtful, thorough questions about how School of Sales was going to impact them and those they serve. Instead of answering them in those direct messages or one on one conversations, we turned these questions into content. There’s no doubt if one person is speaking up with a question, there’s at least 5 others who quietly have the same question. And if that content didn’t answer someone’s question, they’d message us, we’d answer them, and then we’d create more content about it. We magnified our efforts by answering questions for everyone to consume, and not just the original asker. 

  1. We skipped the easy button. 

How many times have you been told to create an offer? Make it scarce. Make it urgent. People will feel obligate to buy and to buy quickly. 

But are the right people buying if they’re buying out of fear? Maybe. But for us that doesn’t make sense. We were consistent in our sales messaging and offers from the time this cohort opened on September 30th until it closed on January 7th. We had a limited amount of seats and we had a deadline for enrollment – but we didn’t manipulate that information. We consistently sold the same way throughout the whole cohort like we always do. Skipping the easy button in the moment may not always feel like the best course of action, but we can promise you that the results and the confidence you build with your audience are worth it. 

Next week, we’ll unpack our fourth key to success – how we went to market. We took a different spin on it that we traditionally have, and it paid off!




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