February 7, 2023

EPI 272: Have You Been Burned by a Coach?

Have you ever done something you truly thought was going to work? Maybe you invested in a program that didn’t give you the ROI you were hoping.  Maybe a course you spent your time on didn’t teach what they preached. Or maybe you hired a business coach you just didn’t click with. You feel like you’ve spent all of this money and time and not gotten a thing in return, so why continue wasting it all? 

Loy Day, one of our co-creators has a favorite saying at GUIDE Culture – “the buck stops here”. President Harry S. Truman is credited with the term, which essentially means the blame stops here. A decision must be made and it must be made now. 

It’s so easy to blame someone or something else for the misgivings of a situation. But what if you decided the buck stops here. What if you decide that it’s not the horse your riding that’s not giving you the results you want – maybe it’s the rider itself. 

Take a step back and look at the investments they’ve made for what they are. Are there some you could have done without? Sure. But were they a total waste? Probably not.

What if you said “what’s done is done. I’ve learned some things, but it’s time to move on.” Once you’ve learned how to sell + persuade for good, the stuff you’ve learned in the past becomes useful. 

That ads course you took? You know who to target because you’ve learned to sell.

That social media course you took? You know what to post because you’ve learned to sell. 

That public speaking course you took? You know how to speak proudly because you’ve learned to persuade for good. 

Nothing in the past is ever wasted.




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