ATTN: the GUIDE Culture grad who wants to jump back into their training, but doesn’t know the best place to start.

We’ve got a once in a lifetime opportunity for you…

One that lets you refresh your sales skills, get access to LIVE teachings of remastered content AND keep climbing the spiral to mastery.

We've got a once in a

lifetime opportunity

for you...

One that would allow you to refresh your sales skills, get access to LIVE teachings of remastered content AND keep climbing the spiral to mastery.

The Reinvention You Didn’t See Coming

GUIDE Culture
School of Sales 🎓

Why call it a school, you ask?

If you think about it, everyone goes to college to get a degree. If you want to be a lawyer, you go to law school. If you want to be a doctor, you go to med school. If you want to be in business, you go to business school (although, we’re pretty convinced a business degree isn’t necessary to run a business, but that’s another story for another day 😅).

Once you have the degree and get into the real world, people often realize that the degree itself isn’t enough. In fact, it kindaaaa means nothing if you don’t know how to SELL aka get people to actually work with you.

Your ability to sell (yourself, your product, your ideas) – THAT’S what moves you through life.

We did a little research into some major MBA programs and not one course was about sales skills. Pretty mind boggling right? $72,000 for a degree that doesn’t even give you the skills to get what you have into the hands of people.

SO – that’s when we decided to create our own school 🎓 and it’s not going to cost you $72,000.

GUIDE Culture’s Signature Training has been remastered into School of Sales, but don’t worry – it’s the same great material you already know and love. The skills and principles you learn are NOT changing.

They’ll just be taught in a new and better way with more depth, details and a stronger delivery. This will really help you understand the material differently than before. 

As a reminder, as a graduate, you already have everything you need to keep your sales skills sharp:

  • the GC Family Facebook group for continuous support
  • lifetime access to the training you purchased
  • lifetime access to the private podcast

While these resources you have as a graduate are great and can absolutely help you keep climbing the spiral, we want to make sure you have access to every single opportunity to make you even better.

✨ Once in a Lifetime ✨
Part of It:

Until now, we’ve never offered anyone (even grads) the training without labs. You know how passionate we are about putting the skills you learn into practice.

As someone that has experienced the full sha-bang before, we trust that you know how to implement the material on your own. (PSSST – we’re not stopping you from putting your own lab group together with your GC besties) 

Another MAJORLY exciting part of this is that when you join, you’ll be invited to watch the sessions LIVE each week. We’ve never taught the 8 Week Training live, so this is a massive deal.


What’s a school without a proper orientation? Not very good, in our humble opinion.

Which is why the first thing you receive when you join School of Sales is PREP SCHOOL!

If you think back to the first time you took GUIDE Culture (or Clearly Confident if you’re an OG!), you might remember that when you signed up you were eager to make sure you were focused on the right things.

In fact, it’s probably the most common question we get when new students enroll: “what can I do to prepare for my training?”

What we’ve come to realize is that one of the most valuable things that students can have during their training is product knowledge. 

As a grad, you know how important it is to know what you’re REALLY selling and then all the parts of what you’re really selling. While we touch on the importance of product knowledge and how to find the right product knowledge during your training, we haven’t had  as much time to go as deep as we want.

But Prep School is changing that. 

This is mainly designed for those who have never taken GUIDE Culture before to get them in the right mindset and on the track before their training begins, but let’s be honest – we can all use a refresher and an even stronger foundation to take in the new material. One thing that will be so valuable for you is the never before seen product knowledge formula 🧪

This never before seen formula will help you find and go deeper on the *right* product knowledge, followed by how to implement it in the GUIDE Method right away.

OH! And did I mention there’s also a brand new, REMASTERED workbook?

We’re talking total textbook vibes and it’s more applicable than ever – the note taker in us is absolutely screaming!

In case you're an OG from the Clearly Confident days, here's a re-introduction:

Hey fam! Macy here.

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of GUIDE Culture

If you told me 4 years ago that I’d be teaching hundreds of entrepreneurs about sales alongside Kathryn, I would have laughed… very hard.

I went to college unsure about what the future held. I had full intentions to get married and start a family. Until it was time for that, I started a job that would ‘do for now.’

After desiring more, I started a side hustle and did ALL THE THINGS I was told to do to be able to have the life of my dreams. (sound familiar?)

A few months in, I made some sales and experienced some traction – but nothing like I thought I should have.

Especially compared to all of the hard work I was putting in: showing up on IG, adding value to people’s lives and being the best business owner I knew I could be.

But there was a
HUGE missing piece .

Creator and Co-Founder of GUIDE Culture

The missing piece was right in front of me the whole time! My dad, Loy Day, started his career as a teacher and coach.

It wasn’t until someone put belief in him by saying “you should go into real estate and take sales training” that he started desiring more for his life.

That’s when he started taking trainings, attending conference and listening to personal development tapes. After many endeavors – photography and blinds, for example – he ended up in the insurance business.

The one constant through all of his endeavors were the sales and communication skills that he pieced together from all of his learning.

As he used these skills and started to see massive results in his own business, he became very passionate about developing a sales culture for his staff and in our home. For years he tried to teach this to me, but I resisted. 

When I found myself with my back against the wall in my business, that’s when I finally agreed to buy in and let him teach it to me:

This was it!

After learning and implementing the skills that he taught me, it was so clear that THIS was the missing puzzle piece for so many.

I went to my dad and asked if he would come alongside me to teach this. We couldn’t keep holding this in for ourselves.

He said yes and we began organizing the spreadsheets that he had been taking notes on for over 30 years (you can imagine the gold that he had).

It took us about a year to organize the training in a way that people could understand and apply easily. We were FINALLY able to host our first online training in August 2018.

In one of our first sessions, there was a student that was bought-in from the very beginning. And her name was Kathryn.

Hey, sweet friends!

I’m Kathryn.

Co-CEO of GUIDE Culture

I think I had (subconsciously) dreamed of being a fancy pants corporate person clicking my heels in a marble lobby. I decided when I was about 15 that I would become a dietitian and do really cool things with that career. Travel, speak, you know cool “work” things.

When I got into corporate it felt like an epic failure. The phrase “clocking in” still makes me nauseous. That’s when I made the pivot into a side-hustle so I could create my own life, make my own money. Be. A. Boss.

For a couple of years my sales were mediocre. They met the quota, but were nowhere near life-changing.

I was on a roller coaster of motivation and overall I was unfulfilled. Before I called yet another “failure,” I decided to invest in myself.

That investment was GUIDE Culture.

Within 90 days I had seen a 4x increase in sales.

And that was just the beginning. $500 dollar months turned into $10,000 months in less than a year. It was true. I COULD do this. And so can you.

GUIDE Culture was the answer to the puzzle for both, Macy and I. It gave us both confidence, a track to run on and the skills to make traction quickly and effectively.

Ready to keep climbing? 🚀

As a grad, you’ve heard us preach the power of repetition. 

We believe in it so much and that’s why we give you lifetime access to your training portal, access to a private podcast AND why we offer so many graduate opportunities to stay in the bubble and continue your learning. 

Because honestly, the skills and principles you learn in GUIDE Culture were never designed as something that you should learn once and be done with.

It’s a true “use it or lose it” situation if you know what I’m sayin’.

This offer gives you the opportunity for reps on reps like never before.

Your Consistent
Results Are Loading

GUIDE Culture

School of Sales

The remastered signature training that includes the unique persuasion system that we like to call the “better way to sell.” It’ll last you a lifetime (and change your legacy, too).

School of Sales is an 8-week experience with a timeless, repeatable method of persuasion so you can get more sales, better clients and faster results. 

The result for you will be a newfound sense of leadership and confidence so you can take your business to the next level… and the next… and the next.

No more ceilings, just success.

The Anatomy of
GUIDE Culture's
School of Sales

From Scattered in Sales to the
sweet taste of sustainable success

These foundational elements are the heartbeat of GUIDE Culture. Winning at sales and leadership is about so much more than learning to get the “yes.” We believe you need to have the foundation of a champion in order to lead. 

That foundation includes…

Grow Your Champion Mentality

Gain Certainty
in Your Beliefs

Consistently Captivate the Right People

Effortlessly Control Conversations
(all service, no slime)

where you'll learn to use...

The Proven GUIDE Method

Learn to sell products, services, experiences,
ideas, beliefs, and so much more.

This method is less about selling as you know it now (you know, slimy, pushy, getting people to buy something they don’t even want). 

Instead, it’s about helping the right people buy. That means you can feel secure and fulfilled as you sell because you know for a fact that you’re serving people who want the exact value you have to offer.

In this 8-week online intensive, you’ll learn the GUIDE Method from start to finish, and you’ll get support to immediately start implementing so you can see results FAST.

The 30,000 foot view of
our proven sales process ⬇️

You can do all the posting, all the pitching, all the talking… but none of it matters until you have their attention. This is the moment when the right people realize you have something important to say. You’ll learn the 6 key ways to get someone’s attention.

Curiosity may have killed the cat (yet to be verified, in our humble opinion), but it saved the salesperson. DAILY.

This step helps you determine if you’re talking to the right person—the one you can really serve. You’ll learn the 4 P’s of unleashing curiosity, so you can not only get attention, but you can find out if you want to keep their attention or move on to a better fit.

In this step, you get to blow them away with what they really want.

You’ll uncover the magic of the 5 Part WOW Statement that will have them not only ready to buy, but reeeeeally dang excited to give you their money (because they’re certain of the value coming their way).

Anyone can spout off why someone should buy something. But can you help them truly imagine, in detail, what their life will be like once they have it?

In this step, you’ll learn how to help them imagine themselves using, enjoying, and benefiting from your offer or idea.

When you give value in abundance with your product, service, or idea, your prospect’s life expands when they say yes.

In this step, you’ll learn how to actually close sales (instead of just offering and hoping, ya know?).

Spoiler Alert: This step alone will save you HOURS in sales conversations (and grow your revenue like crazyyyyy, too).

But, wait… what if people don’t want it? What if it’s too expensive? What if they claim they don’t have time? What if their hubs isn’t on board? Don’t worry, there’s a step for that. Seriously, we’ve got you!

In this worth-the-price-of-admission (according to our grads) bonus step, you’ll start to see every doubt, question, hesitation as an opportunity to serve them better and deeper, because you’re truly ON THEIR SIDE in the buying process.

The Curriculum

Increase Value

• Discover your tilt that makes you stand out from others in your industry

• The WIIFM formula that helps you get in your prospect’s head

• The 5 Part Wow Statement to make people want to buy

Unleash Curiosity

• The best way to find the DBM of a potential client

• The 4 P’s of Unleashing Curiosity

• Learn to create a customized message for your audience that proclaims the big value of your offer

Handle Doubts + Get Attention

• What to do when someone tells you “no” (or asks for the price)

• The 4 step process to handle doubts like a boss

• How to create talk triggers so that your customers market for you

Visualization + The Close

• Go from fact telling to storytelling so that others truly care about what you’re saying

• Discover the technique to help your potential clients undoubtedly see that they want what you have

• The number one way to double your sales numbers

Build Value, Advanced

• Create customized evidence on the fly for your ideal client so they know you’re talking specifically to them

• Learn to back up what you say with proof so you can become a recommended expert

• Drawing out the magnetic personality in you

Unleash Curiosity, Advanced

• Learn how to talk less and still make a powerful point that sells

• Ask questions in a way that gives you the “answers to the test” so you can close quicker with qualified prospects

• Grow your belief through the challenges and “next levels” so you can be focused for the long game

Handle Doubts +
 Get Attention, Advanced

• Learn how to use someone’s objection as the very reason they should buy your product

• Discover attention getting techniques that will make your audience’s ears perk

• Determine how to get on the same side of the table of even the toughest critic

Visualization + 
The Close, Advanced

• Learn how to sell in vivid word pictures that will put your client into their happy place

• Apply the  signature GRIT formula for ultimate success in your business

• Establish key things to do after asking a closing question (and when to ask)

BRAND NEW Mailed GUIDE Culture Workbook

Our goal is to make the training as value packed as possible for you, which is why we’ve created a 100-something page workbook to go along with the training.

It wouldn’t be very GUIDE Culture of us to make you print it off and bind it yourself… so we mail it right to your door (yes, snail mail is still a thing!)

The Technique Accelerator: Your Interactive Workbook

We want you to be able to refine your skills and knowledge for each session in a very easy way.

The Technique Accelerator: Your Interactive Workbook is a living document for each session that you can keep referring back to even after your training is over.

Prep School

When you join GUIDE Culture School of Sales, the first thing you’ll receive is Prep School, where you’ll get a renewed mindset before refining your sales skills, you’ll know exactly what to focus on before your training begins AND you’ll get the product knowledge formula 🧪

This never before seen formula will help you find and go deeper on the *right* product knowledge, followed by how to implement it in the GUIDE Method right away.

Lifetime Access to the
NEW School of Sales Private Podcast

Can you learn the GUIDE Method in 8 weeks? Absolutely.
We also know that you (yes, you!) are not about just learning and moving on. You want to digest. You want to understand. You want it to become second nature – because there’s nothing like being able to have sales conversations on auto pilot.

Over time, we found that our students weren’t about just a little success. They wanted to win CONSISTENTLY. That’s why we created a private podcast just for GUIDE Culture grads. These podcast episodes mirror the program content and training, and offer you an opportunity to listen and re-listen in the most convenient format possible.

And, I mean, who doesn’t want access to a secret podcast? Cool doesn’t even cover it.

Lifetime Support in the
GC Facebook Group Fam

We know, we know. Every online program comes with access to a Facebook group, and each and every single one says they’re different.

But, we really mean it.

The GC Fam Group is filled with supportive, growth-minded, and totally next level people just like you.

We, along with our coaches and grads, are consistently active in the group with the goal of helping you win.

Lifetime Access to NEW School of Sales Portal

We like to say that professionals REPEAT until they can’t get it wrong and giving you lifetime access to the training material will help you do just that.

To really be able to sell on autopilot, you’ll need to learn the skill again… and again… and again. And one day you will look up and be amazed by the confident conversations you can have without even thinking about it.

Ready for the GC juice?

Here's another look at what

you'll get when you join:

• 8 Weeks of Training
• The Technique Accelerator: Your Interactive Workbook
• BRAND NEW Guide Culture Workbook Mailed to your door
• Prep School Training
• Lifetime Support in the GC Fam Facebook Group
• Lifetime Access to our NEW School of Sales Private Podcast
Lifetime Access to NEW School of Sales Portal 

Total Value: $12,700

Your Price: $12,700 $3897

Your Tuition:

Cashflow Friendly

2 Payments of


Save-a-Little Pay-at-Once

1 Payment of



1 Payment of


followed by 5 monthly payments 

what's included:

The GOLD Experience



YOUR PRICE: $10,497


The Signature Online




wanna chat first?
To see which program option is the best fit for you,
DM us @theguideculture on Instagram with the first word ‘GRAD’ 🎓 and you’ll be the first to hear back
from a GUIDE Culture team member!

The PROOF is in

the Screenshot

“Session 1 alone has lifted the veil for me.”


“BEST investment I’ve made
in my ENTIRE career.”


“Made my biggest sale to date and my training hasn’t started yet!”


“I just had my BEST month in business!”


“These skills truly apply to all
parts of your life.”

Wanna chat before enrolling?
DM us @theguideculture on Instagram with the first word “GRAD” 🎓 and you’ll be the first to hear back
from a GUIDE Culture team member!

Smart GC students

Have These Q's

We've got answers (or at least a mindset
shift to help you get to the answer!)

Short answer: it’s not! It’s simply been remastered which means it’ll be taught in a new and better way with more depth, details and better delivery. 

It’s the same great material that you already know and love and the skills and principles taught are NOT changing.

When GUIDE Culture was first created, we knew there had to be a way for students to practice what they were learning and get in reps. And as a graduate, you already know that labs are where the magic happens. Because of that, we’ve never offered GUIDE Culture without labs. Until now!

Your $497 purchase of School of Sales will not include labs because we trust that you know how to take what you’re learning and implement.

As of now, this is your ONLY chance to join School of Sales.

The reason is because this remastered material will being taught LIVE for 8 week starting on July 22nd and will go through September 9th. Each week, after it’s taught live, you’ll see the recorded content reflected in your new portal (that you will have lifetime access to).

Academy is where we go DEEP into every single GUIDE Culture skill and principle and provide the opportunity for members to be a part of ongoing labs.

School of Sales is the original material, taught in a remastered way.

When you join School of Sales, you’ll receive:

  • 150 hours of remastered content
  • NEW School of Sales Portal with Lifetime Access
  • NEW School of Sales Private Podcast with Lifetime Access
  • NEW, Redesigned Mailed Workbook
  • Continuous support in the GUIDE Culture Fam Facebook Group

For the first time ever, we’re able to offer something that really can be learned and implemented on your own time.

While the initial teaching of each session will be taught LIVE every Friday for 8 weeks (July 22 – September 9), you will also receive the recorded version of each session in your portal so you can re-watch any time you need.

Because of the major shift in the structure of this School of Sales offer, exclusively to you as a graduate, you can join for only $497. 

Again, that includes:

  • 150 hours of remastered content
  • NEW School of Sales Portal with Lifetime Access
  • NEW School of Sales Private Podcast with Lifetime Access
  • NEW, Redesigned Mailed Workbook
  • Continuous support in the GUIDE Culture Fam Facebook Group

All of that for ONLY $497! Total no brainer.

YES! The 8-week training has never been taught live before, so we are so pumped to provide this element of teaching with the remastered School of Sales content. 

Starting on July 22nd, each Friday for 8 weeks, we will go live from GC HQ and you will be invited to join us via Zoom. The teachings will start at 10am ET each day!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • July 22: Week 1, Session 1
  • July 29: Week 2, Session 2
  • August 5: Week 3, Session 3 + 4
  • August 12: Week 4, Session 5 + 6
  • August 19: Week 5, Session 1 Advanced
  • August 26: Week 6, Session 2 Advanced
  • September 2: Week 7, Session 3 + 4 Advanced
  • September 9: Week 8, Session 5 + 6 Advanced

Something we love so much is having people visit GC HQ. It’s total fam vibes and we love being able to hug you IRL! Until now, we’ve never offered the ability to attend GC HQ unless it was a true In Person Training. 

Since School of Sales will be taught live each week, we are opening our doors to YOU! When you join, you will have the ability to come join us in real life any Friday that you wish during the teachings.

If you’re local, come every week! If you’re from out of town, plan a day trip! We can’t wait to have you ❤️‍🔥

We are pulling for you, always. See you inside?

Wanna chat before enrolling?
DM us @theguideculture on Instagram with the first
word ‘GRAD’ 🎓
and you’ll be the first to hear back
from a GUIDE Culture team member!

Need a little more proof?
Check out these WINS:

“Before GUIDE Culture, I was feeling like, “am I really helping people?” After GUIDE Culture, I feel like, “wow, people DO need what I have!” I feel like I’ve been digging and digging and digging and I’ve FINALLY struck gold.”

- koby l.
“I thought that I didn’t need GUIDE Culture, I am good at sales. I finally went and I realized that everything I thought about not needing GC could not have been further from the truth. When I went I realized I could take my business TRULY to the next level with the skills that I learned. If you think you don’t need this training, that’s when you probably need it the most.”
- megan
“When I am in high level business meetings, I feel so confident in the way I ask questions and present material because GUIDE Culture has given me the what, the how, and the ability to practice my skills. I am so thankful.”
- natalie

“I’ve made a lot of investments in my business. GUIDE Culture gives you the how unlike anything else. This is going to help me get clients AND serve the clients I already have so much better.”

- lindsey


The GOLD Experience



YOUR PRICE: $10,497


The Signature Online




Wanna chat before enrolling?
DM us @theguideculture on Instagram with the first
word ‘GRAD’ 🎓
and you’ll be the first to hear back
from a GUIDE Culture team member!