Daily Deposit:

GUIDE Culture’s
(not so) Secret Weapon

to Blast Through Resistance
and Move the Needle Daily


If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, super mom or really just a go getter, you probably have A LOT going on in your life.

You have big dreams and lots of goals and with that, it can be hard to get laser focused in your day to day life.

➡️ Maybe you feel yourself being pulled into a thousand different directions because there’s so much that you want to accomplish, so you end up task switching all day and nothing actually gets done.

➡️ Or maybe you feel distracted when you sit down to work and you end each day completely defeated.

➡️ Maybe you’re making a longggg list of to do’s each day and without realizing it you’re putting off the ‘hard’ things, simply because you don’t have a proven way to prioritize.

➡️ Or possibly, you can never “find the time” to do the things that are truly important to move your life in the right direction.

If you’re ready to toss the endless to-do lists in the trash, ditch the excuses and have an actual system to GET THINGS DONE, it’s time you meet our (not so) secret weapon – Daily Deposit.


Why You Can Do ALLLLL the Things
and Still Not Make Progress

In business (well, really in life altogether – but our core focus here is biz), there’s all the experts on the Internet giving their advice and telling you what you should focus on as an entrepreneur or business owner.

No matter what phase of business you’re in, the advice is always there and it can be super overwhelming.

Send emails. Post on Instagram. Make Reels. Master TikTok. Start a podcast. Write a book. Create a blog. Provide the best customer service. Set up the systems.

Alllllll of that PLUS your regular life stuff. Like laundry, grocery shopping, school activities, exercising, staying hydrated, getting dressed in something other than leggings. Hello, what about washing your hair? (don’t get us wrong, we love a good dry shampoo, but sometimes you need the real thing 🤣)

Maybe you want to be the mom that happily goes all out for spirit week. Or maybe you really want to consistently have family dinners.

There’s the things you NEED to do – for the health of your life and biz – and then there’s things you WANT to do. So, how do you fit them all in?

Well, the answer is shockingly NOT to do more. It’s actually to do LESS and obsess.


One Day, I Decided

To Make It a Game

Macy here (co-CEO of GUIDE Culture) and I’ll never forget being fresh into this business thing and feeling confused and completely overwhelmed by all of the advice out there. It was honestly like Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster whiplash level.

Each day, I would make mile long to do lists but it felt like nothing was ever actually getting done. I was working really hard, but never felt fully accomplished.

I would go to bed each night absolutely dreading what the next day would bring… another mile long to do list with a lotttt of really hard things that I had been putting off for a realllllyy long time.

One day I decided enough was enough and if I was really going to make it, something had to give. So, I decided to make a game… LITERALLY! 

Instead of listing out every possible thing I needed to do (including “errands” that were really code for Target and Starbucks 🤣) I started setting up my days with 5 HARD things – things that didn’t come natural to me. Things that I didn’t necessarily find fun or exciting. These are the things that you might not WANT to do, but know you NEED to do to make progress.

I called it the Game Day List. Focusing on 5 things instead of 500 helped me see EXACTLY what I would accomplish each day. I knew what to expect and how to prepare. Instead of sitting down in front of my computer each day and getting pulled in 1000 different directions, I was laser focused on FEWER tasks that would make a bigger impact.

After doing this for a few days, I quickly realized that I didn’t need to do it ALL. I actually needed to do LESS and make each thing count. Truth be told, productivity isn’t about doing more things. It’s about doing the most important things well.

(Oh and believe it or not, there was MORE margin for all of the regular life stuff, too. Crazy how the more structured you are, the more free you are 🤯 )

I kept tweaking the process and adding a few new elements that made my day EVEN better – daily thankfulness, personal development and affirmations.

Soon I had it down to a science. All it took was 5-10 minutes each morning to get my mind right and kick procrastination to the side.

That’s when Daily Deposit was born – a daily system to help you laser focus on the most important things in your life so you feel productive all the time (not just sometimes).


How It Works:
5 Part Proven Process


It’s not about what you DO, it’s about what you think.

So, before you DO anything, start your day with 3 specific thankful statements. And we get it – gRatiTuDe is everywhere these days, but before you eye roll, you should know that this section is backed by science 🧪

These 3 statements will rewire your brain and make you more happier – and happier people are more successful (not the other way around).


Next, you’ll reflect on what you are currently learning – whether it’s through books, podcasts, courses or other ways of studying – this section of the daily practice helps you start to internalize all of that learning.

Internalizing what you’re learning helps you become a natural content creator in your space and will set you up as an expert. 


Now that you’ve got your mind right, it’s time to focus on what you will DO. In life, we’ve been trained to create lists of everythinggggg we need to accomplish.

In theory, this is the best way, but in reality it doesn’t always work. This is because we’re naturally drawn to tasks that are easy… which often means that the most important things are pushed off to the next day… and the next… and the next. This cycle repeats day after day leaving you feeling drained and defeated.

The GAME DAY list is not your traditional to-do list. Instead, it’s a place to audit your long list and choose 5 HARD, needle moving things to focus on each day.

This is where you’ll cut the slack and take action by focusing on the RIGHT things instead of alllll the things. 


And finally, before you start chipping away at your Game Day List, you will finish the daily practice with 3 “I Am” statements to declare who you are (even if you don’t feel that way yet). 

To affirm, simply means to encourage. We encourage others all the time, but we may not always encourage ourselves enough.

This section helps you intentionally encourage yourself daily so you feel confident and certain in who you are and who you’re becoming so those things shine through as you start your work day.


Daily Deposit is a system that helps you generate growth in your life and business – but you can’t grow what you don’t measure.

At the end of each day, you’ll wrap up with the Win / Lose section – this is the no fluff accountability system to help you stay on track and WIN your days.

The way it works is simple: if you complete your Game Day List, you win the day. If you don’t, you lose the day.

TO BE CLEAR: win or lose the day, you are always a winner. This section is not here to defeat you or make you feel like you’ve failed.

Instead, it’s a place to audit and reflect on your day so you know what to do (or not to do) tomorrow, so that you are continually making progress on your growth and goals.


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