March 30, 2022

How To Naturally Create Content In Your Business

As a business owner or entrepreneur that runs their business on social media, content creation can be one of the hardest things you do.

You want your content to be engaging. You want it to resonate with people. You possiblyyyy even wish that it would go viral.

All of these wants and wishes are totally normal and as someone that also creates content to reach more people and ultimately drive sales, I want nothing more than for the content to come naturally.

So, what if I told you that creating content didn’t have to be the hard part? 👀 🙏

Creating content CAN come naturally and feel like a fresh, flowing stream of water!

Before we go into how that’s possible, let’s talk about the problem: how many times have you listened to a podcast or read a book and you hear or see that one line that fires you the heck up… only later to NOT remember that snippet of inspiration or motivation?

It happens to a lot of us because are receiving tonssss of information on a daily basis, so to really remember the good stuff, you have to have a system in place ⬇️

The best way to maximize your inspiration is to literally STOP what you’re doing when you hear or read it and write. it. down. ✍🏼

(if you’re driving I have to recommend voice texting yourself within a note on your phone: “hey Siri write this down…”)

🤓 Recite/write the quote as you heard/read it THEN

📝 come back to it and write it in a way that applies to your expertise, your clients, why it matters, how you can use this information in your biz, etc.

🧠 this forces your brain into an active learning role rather than passive

Ultimately, this will help you internalize the content for use and what’s crazy is you’ll start to see the way this one nugget can apply in multiple places.

Pro tip: double down on this concept by rewriting one thing you’ve learned each day into your Daily Deposit journal – the “what I’m learning” section was designed to keep the most important things you’re learning top of mind so your content flows effortlessly 👀 🎉

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