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The ONE Thing You Have to Stop Saying in IG Stories

The ONE Thing You Have

to Stop Saying in IG Stories

This whole concept, when applied, could completely shift the way people engage with you, your content and ultimately your business.

tired of hearing what to do?

We'll teach you how to do it.

We'll teach you

how to do it.

GUIDE Culture teaches you the timeless, repeatable method of persuasion to help business owners increase their sales, gain better clients and see faster results.

Loy Day, creator and co-founder, discovered sales training and personal development in the 80’s and since then he has been insanely passionate about building a life based on sales principles.

He taught these timeless principles to his daughter, Macy McNeely, as she started her journey in the business world. She quickly realized this was the missing piece for so many. That’s when she and Loy set out to train hundreds of entrepreneurs on this very thing.

Which led them to now co-CEO, Kathryn Shubert. Kathryn was one of the first students and quickly became an invaluable person on the GUIDE Culture team.

Today, the three of them together are on a mission to help people see that selling IS serving and believe that you can become the limitless leader that you were made to be.

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