When it comes to

life and business,

you get to make

the rules.

When it comes to life and business, you get to make the rules.

Have you ever felt like you’re doing all the “right” things with not enough to show for it? You’re taking action from all the podcasts. You’re following in the footsteps of the leaders who seem to have what you want. You’re checking all the boxes and following the step-by-step path to “success.” And, maybe you’re seeing some “success,” but it doesn’t feel like you thought it would. It doesn’t feel sustainable, repeatable, or even fulfilling.

Are you doing ALL THE THINGS, but you’re still not where you want to be? Or maybe even who you want to be?

Friends, it’s time to throw that rulebook out the window.

And we’re here to walk you through it, because that’s exactly what led us to starting GUIDE Culture®

Fueled by belief, not governed by rules

Fueled by belief, not

governed by rules

We knew, to find success like nobody else has, we’d have to do what no one else was willing to do.

Here’s the thing: In business and life, there ARE NO rules.

So, a method was created (you’ll read about the creator in a bit) that would not only teach you how to sell, but that would lead you to success time and time again. The method isn’t built on a shaky foundation of rules. We stacked the deck with undeniable belief about our purpose in this world, about what people really need, about what each and every one of us is capable of (hint: more than you think you are).

Built on Beliefs Like These

Built on Beliefs

Like These

Group 16
You can always change who you are and where you’re going in life.
Group 53@3x
Sales is leadership, and leadership 
is sales.
Group 20@3x
You are in the people business first.
Group 64@3x
Don’t think about what to do, start thinking of who you want to become.
Artboard 1@3x

Always give value in abundance.

Group 8@3x

Rules are for 
the birds.

Wanna know the

whole story?

Let's do a little roll call.


Hey, everybody! They Call Me Coach Loy.

Before the GUIDE Culture® material, I had a strong desire to break out of the life I had been told need to go a certain way- I’m “just” a guy from the country, some might say. As a young adult, I was a school teacher and coach who wanted to break out and do my own thing. The problem was, I didn’t have any confidence or skills. I became very aware of what needed to happen in order to make something of myself. So, I started my own business. As I started my agency, it became clear that to lead my team AND sell my product, I realized, this is hard work, there’s got to be more I can learn to make this work.

So, little by little, I started to create a training that I could refer to and that I could teach to my staff. I wanted to have a positive, results-driven culture. What I like to call a “sales culture”.

30 years later, this training has become GUIDE Culture. It’s filled with timeless information and techniques that WORK.


Hey, Fam! Macy, here.

If you told me 4 years ago I would be teaching hundreds of entrepreneurs along with Kathryn about sales, I would have laughed. Very hard. I went to college unsure about what the future held. I had full intentions to get married and start a family. Until it was time for that, I started a job that would ‘do for now.’ Until it wasn’t- I wanted more freedom so I started a business.

A few months in, I had some sales and some traction – but nothing like I thought I should have – especially compared to all of the hard work I had put in: showing up on IG, adding value to people’s lives and being the best business owner I knew I could be.

But there was a missing piece.

A big one. And it was right in front of me the whole time!

My dad, Loy Day – who had created a sales training for his staff – had tried to teach me these skills for years. After saying no over and over again, I finally bought in to the training and he taught it to me.

Here’s what happened:

  • My business quadrupled.
  • My client’s success rate grew 30%
  • My Instagram doubled and I had more engagement than ever

This was it! It broke my heart knowing this was the missing puzzle piece for so many. I went to my dad and asked if he would come alongside me to teach this because we couldn’t keep this for ourselves.

He said yes and we began. In one of our first sessions, there was a student that was bought-in from the very beginning. And her name was Kathryn.


Hey, friends!

I think I had (subconsciously) dreamed of being a fancy pants corporate person clicking my heels in a marble lobby. I decided when I was about 15 that I would become a dietitian and do really cool things with that career. Travel, speak, you know cool work things.

When I got into corporate it felt like an epic failure. The phrase “clocking in” still makes me nauseous. That’s when I made the pivot into a side-hustle so I could create my own life, make my own money. Be. a. Boss.

For a couple of years my sales were mediocre…not life-changing as advertised. I was on a roller coaster of motivation and overall I was unfulfilled.

Before I called yet another “failure”, I decided to invest in myself. That investment was GUIDE Culture. Within 90 days I had seen a 4x increase in sales. Truly, the formula we teach is like a cake that needs to be baked. And let me tell you it’s gooood.

GUIDE Culture® was the answer to the puzzle for both of us. It gave us both confidence, a track to run on and the skills to make traction quickly and effectively.

We’re not special, we just followed a system that delivers consistent results for us and so many others.

We REALLY do believe GUIDE Culture®​ can do the same for you.

We REALLY do believe

GUIDE Culture®

can do the same for you.

Meet the Team

Better Together? We really mean that.

Better together?

We really mean that.

We are beyond passionate about this mission of truly changing legacies. But, we also know missions can’t be accomplished alone. I mean, even if they could, what kinda fun would that be? We’ve carefully crafted a team and GUIDE Culture® trained coaches to ensure that your experience is streamlined and transformational.

What does that mean for you?

Well, it means we all practice what we preach, verbatim. The REAL value of that is, you can rest assured that each team member’s primary mission is to love and serve you.

Meet Natty

Natty is our content queen! She’s in charge of all things email + social media. Her creative brain helps the team with content creation all across the board. Fun Fact: Making things “Instagrammable” is one of her favorite things and it’s always top of mind!

Meet Court

Courtney is our operations ninja! When we first met her, we KNEW without a doubt that she was the one for the job. She keeps the team on “one brain” as we call it and makes sure that all of YOUR questions are answered. Fun Fact: She met her husband on a blind date and they were engaged 6 months later!

Meet Sara

Sara is our Head of Coaches! She is a GUIDE Culture grad that stood out from the start. Sara’s priority is to train and develop our coaches so that YOU can have the ultimate student experience. Fun Fact: Sara lives on a ranch in Kansas, so when she’s not training our coaches, she’s busy tending to cows with her husband and living the mom life with her 3 kids!

the GC difference

We wanna do more than empower you. We're here to EQUIP you.

We wanna do more

than empower you.

We're here to EQUIP you.

We are passionate about your transformation. We really mean that. That’s why we brought this repeatable method to more people. It works for persuasion across the board.

We believe learning how to get your message across in a way that truly empowers the person you’re speaking to… well, that’s not just life changing, that’s legacy-changing.

Sure, we’re here to get you more sales. Yes, we’re here to help you get faster results, instead of frying your brain every time you need to reach a goal. We’re here to help you get better clients and customers. Plus, they’ll be the kind of clients and customers who stick around and shout your name from the rooftops.

Above all of that?

We are pulling for you to start becoming the leader you were put on this earth to be so you can experience a next-level kind of success and fulfillment you may not believe to be possible yet.

Wanna get started NOW?
Yep, that’s how we vibe, too.