March 7, 2022

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Plan Your Work Each Week

When it comes to planning your work each week, it can be difficult to know what actually needs your attention. Between life and work, there’s a lot of things that need to get done, so how do you what to work on first?!

It can get tricky and make you feel overwhelmed (which ultimately causes inaction 😓), so we’ve boiled it down to 4 questions that can provide clarity and get you moving in the right direction.

1️⃣ Is this task going to put me closer to accomplishing a big goal or completing a large project?

If yes, it’s considered needle moving and should go on your game plan for the week. If no, see #2.

2️⃣ Is it important or necessary that I am the one to do it?

If yes, add it to your game plan for the week. If no, think about how you can delegate it.

If it’s business related, can you leverage someone on your team to complete it for you? Think of delegation as elevation – people naturally WANT to help you, so let them!

If it’s a life thing, get creative! House chores? Hello kiddos. Grocery shopping? Instacart to the rescue.

Be honest with yourself here. Contrary to popular belief, YOU don’t have to do all the things for all the people all the time.
3️⃣ Is it time sensitive or urgent?

If yes, chances are you need to drop everything and do it. If no, you can properly plan it into your week.
Take note that if you find yourself having a lot of time sensitive things on your list or fires that need to be put out, this could be a sign that something is broken with your priorities.
4️⃣ Does this need to be done at all?

If yes, refer to questions #2 and #3. If no, ELIMINATE it and move on 💃🏼
The quickest task is no task at all! Getting rid of things that are not serving you is the fastest way to grow.
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