The better way to sell you've been searching for

The better way to sell

you've been searching for

Ever find yourself wishing there was a better way to get the results you really want?

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So what is GUIDE Culture®? It’s a

timeless persuasion system.

That helps you gain more sales, better clients and faster results, all while creating a champion culture you’re PROUD of (and that people want to join).

tired of hearing what to do?

We'll teach you

how to do it.

We know you’ve listened to the podcasts, read the books, and shown up to the webinars. It just might be time you stop listening to all the different “what’s” out there and start learning the “how.” The exact “how” that will help everything you do on your road to success. Because in a world of best practices and do-this-now-because-it-totally-works training, here at GUIDE Culture® we believe in setting you on a path to learn something that will work for you every stinking time.

Sales strategy may change,
But the art of persuasion is timeless.

When you join GUIDE Culture®, you can have confidence knowing that you have a framework in your back pocket for whatever you want to go after next. And that Champion Mentality? That’s going to take you further than an Instagram training ever will.


GUIDE Culture®

GUIDE Culture ®

With our unique, repeatable, timeless system, you’ll be able to create the buying culture with your audience and the buy-in culture with your team that you’ve always wanted. Through our online programs, in-person events, and family-like support along the way, we are on a mission to not just empower people to make more sales, but equip them to do it better and faster than ever before.
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you’ve found the right place

Because there IS a better way to sell

Because there IS a

better way to sell

If you’ve found yourself thinking, “This doesn’t feel right. There HAS to be a better way…” Friend, you’ve found it. Sales skills are about so much more than just getting a “yes” at the end of a pitch. We believe sales is leadership and leadership is sales, and our mission is to teach you how to win at both. Our version of winning looks like watching you lead your prospects to the right solution for them, or lead your team to a common goal, or lead your family to grow into the humans you know they can be.

We believe sales is bigger than that slimy feeling you say you get when you pitch a new prospect. It’s about loving and serving your people well. And learning how to do it is not something you can’t afford to push to the side anymore.
We’ll teach you our timeless, repeatable system so you can release your persuasion anxiety and gain the confidence it seems like everyone has but you. How? Here’s just a little glimpse of our whole-person approach to sales.


“Success is 20% skill and 80% mindset,” says Tony Robbins. So, in order to help you work your way toward the most sustainable success, this is where we always start. The brain is such a powerful tool, and in order to strengthen your sales and leadership skills, you first have to learn how to master your brain. Then, you can understand how your prospect’s brain works at every point in the conversation.


We’re in the business of growing “enthusiologists.” The best leaders and salespeople have an unshakable belief in the value of what they’re delivering and where they’re leading you. You’ve felt it before, right? GUIDE Culture® will help you get pumped, jazzed and totally invested in the message you want to get across.


Stephen Covey says,” business moves at the speed of trust.” It’s easy to think that the ability to be liked and trusted is something you’re born with. We wholeheartedly believe that is just not true. You’ll learn practices you can implement to grow like and trust with your prospects, audience and your team on the daily.


Are you steering the ship, or is your prospect? Using GUIDE Method®, we’ll teach you exactly how to gather the right information, control conversations, pique curiosity and close sales over and over. Every time you close a sale or get buy-in from a team member you can feel confident that you are truly serving them.

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holding back

Each week, you are served up binge worthy, actionable content so you can get the positive input you need. That way, you can keep becoming the best business owner, leader, parent, spouse, YOU that you know you can be. Every episode is designed to get you on your way to a quick win. Because we know wins over time add up to the life of a champion.

You’ll get the tools to help you.

We believe you can always change who you are and where you’re going in life.

Today is the perfect day to make that decision. We just feel it. Can’t you?

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